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i miss you now (i think)

Do you think you can pre-emptively miss someone? Someone who you think you might meet one day but haven’t as yet? Someone who might be really busy and proactive right now, instead of moodily staring at the moniter thinking up semi plausible excuses for not going to the family reunion on the last long weekend […]

the singing teacup

Another particularly gruelling session in the park this morning. With Adam, the personal trainer. It rained again. Some comment was passed that the rain had only begun since my entrance into the land of personal trainerdom. (Yeah, right! I LIKE to exercise in the rain!) Someone asked me recently how I could stand these sessions. […]

by her shoes shall you know her

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I took two of my favourite pairs of shoes down to the shoe guy in the street where I work. Every now and then they need a little attention to look their best – I’ve a habit of drastically grinding down the heels (although never evenly, always from the inner heel to the outer, consequently […]

what is the point of a personal trainer if you can’t get up off the ground?

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Session number two with Adam, the personal trainer, today. As was not raining I had great anticipation that I would move onto greater things. Reality strikes a fatal blow, however. About halfway through the session we were doing some ‘ab’ work wherein the personal trainee (ie. me) lies on a mat on the ground with […]

i’m a machine!!

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Have just staggered in to work after first ever session with personal trainer. Alarm at 6.15 am, down to park for 6.30 am start. Running, jumping, lifting, pushing, skipping, staggering, breathing really heavily. And being rained on. Incessantly. (Brand new hair ruined in one fell swoop.) Adam, said personal trainer, is 24 and cute as […]

there is tea in my shoes

Sigh. It’s just one of those days. I’m having a clumsy day. Have just dropped a cup of tea all over my keyboard, all over my chair, all over my lap and all over my shoes. I did not expect so much liquid could come out of a fairly standard sized tea cup. It was […]

cheese, Gromit?

Perusing the ‘get me out of this hellhole/find me a new job’ pages of recent papers, I’ve come across the role of ‘cheese optimisation co-ordinator’. Intriguing. At desperate point of wondering if might be able to undertake this role, after all like to eat cheese. A lot. Wonder what it entails? Should I waste more […]

what’s your superpower?

I was having a chat this morning with a friend of mine (Hi Andrew – if you read this!!) about, among other things, the subject matter of my blog. Taking a cue from this conversation another of our friends, Kathy (Hi to you too, if you read this!!), made the comment with reference to my […]

twilight zone in Footscray

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I was wandering back home this afternoon after a trip to Footscray shopping centre (a twilight zone all of its own) when I saw a man attempt to round a curve a little too sharply and, as a consequence, … fall off his unicycle!! Not your usual mode of transport over this side of town. […]

footprints in time

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Each month I write up a little column in the newsletter at work entitled ‘History in the News’. Basically it’s just a summary of history-related articles which have appeared in the major newspapers over the last month or so. The Australian (13/03/03) included an article which told how a team of paleontologists in Italy had […]