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the blimp! the blimp!

There’s a new thing to be scared of (if you’re a dog by the name of Maise Cullen-Heazlewood). It’s Holden’s advertising blimp which is frequenting the skies of the inner west during show time. Apparently this afternoon it was subject to a severe and elongated telling-off when it drifted its way a little too close […]

under your feet

My housemate and I have been walking our dog up, down and across the area we affectionately know as ‘Footscray Hill’ for years now. It’s the piece of land behind Footscray City College between Farnsworth Avenue and the Edgewater Estate. It’s great for dogs – lots of things to investigate with the bonus occasional rabbit […]

it’s a sign

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It’s been a bad day at work. Stuff is just not doing what it’s meant to. My beeping phone makes me jump. What now?? It’s a message. It’s unprompted. It says “Dorry worry about it, it has all been sorted out”. Yay!!!

well done

As I stepped into the train carriage this morning I was assailed (via the loudspeaker system) by a cheery lady congratulating me for making the smart choice by travelling with Connex. The response from the carriage full of people who also made the smart choice? Laughter. (Glad I didn’t try to hold the doors or […]

mid-course malaise

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I’m almost half way through my MA. Mostly I’ve enjoyed it, but this semester has been really hard. It’s not that the coursework isn’t interesting. It’s just that I can’t seem to make myself interested in it. Not to mentioned the late-night, last minute, panic-stricken essays. And the cold and lonely waits at unfamiliar train […]

an unusual way to answer the phone

Me: Hi, is that Glenn? Him: Yep. I’m up on a chimney. I’ll ring you back. PS. He still hasn’t rung back. I wonder if he’s still up there?

there is a slant towards detective fiction here which does not reflect my actual reading habits … go figure

1. One book that changed your life I can’t think of any that have had such a profound effect. Several, upon completion, have made me resolve to be a better person, however: ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ by Harper Lee was one, another was about Helen Keller, the name of which escapes me now. 2. […]

I think I have a (non-sexual) crush on …

Michael Mori. Is it the military buzzcut? Or the military shoe-shine? Or, in a climate of fear and loathing, that he can stand up and call an unfair and unjust system exactly what it is?

more marshmallows

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An update on my last post. ‘Hot chocolating’ with Daniel during the week (actually, he was hot chocolating, I was partaking of a juice) the ‘happy stamper’ duly delivered Daniel’s hot chocolate (with marshmallows) and, noticing that I had no hot chocolate and consequently, no marshmallows, he hot-footed it back to the shop and shortly […]

the happy stamper

Whenever I feel like a hot chocolate hit during the working day or I have lunch with Daniel and he insists on a hot chocoloate to complete the meal (what did happen to that self-imposed withdrawal from chocolate he so recently espoused? I believe that even in its liquid form IT’S STILL CHOCOLATE. However…) I […]