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Miss Communications

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Well, I’m now enrolled – or at least part enrolled – in my new course (the prelude to my new job and grand new career! Remember?) The road to enrolment has not exactly been smooth. And the problems, disturbingly, have mostly related to poor communication. Does this bode well for learning good practices? Maybe it’s […]

how not to ease your way into the day

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I guess it had to happen one day. Scene: 6.30 am. Radio tells me it’s 5 degrees outside. Contemplating how long can stay in bed where it is much warmer. Over the low murmur of the radio comes the (not so) dulcet sounds of the garbage truck rounding the corner. Damn. Did not put very […]

birthday extender

Why should your birthday only last for one day? My preference is to extend the birthday season over several weeks of treats and general, all round good cheer. Bring on the cake, bring on the sparkly drinkies, bring on the dancing boys (hey, where’d they come from?) …. Anyway… the weekend just gone saw a […]

housemates and small children have their uses

My housemate, Justine, has been way for a couple of days. While it’s very nice to have the house to self, it’s also nice to have someone else around to talk to, share the dog walking duties, shout at the TV etc, etc. So, her return is appreciated on many levels. Not least because she […]

33 and that’s all right

There are flowers on my window sill. Cards on my mantelpiece. A cheese cake in the fridge. Presents. The promise to good things to come. And a wide awake dog jumped on my bed early this morning to say “Happy Birthday!” (Rapidly followed by “Can we go for a walk nowwwwwwwww?? Plllleeeaaaasssseeee??”)

the flammable housemate

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Years and years of dire warnings clearly directed at the wrong person. I do not have the best track record with fire. Yes, in my quest for warmth I’ve scorched things many times and once I accidently set my hair on fire in an unfortunate incident involving a sewing machine. And my sole freakishly persistent […]

are we there yet?

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Home time. See ya.

a little convoy travels north

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There is a small convoy of two heading north from Melbourne to Brisbane today. It’s just a red car and a blue car. In one is my brother Brendan, in the other is his lovely partner Nicole. They’re moving to Brisbane where Brendan starts his new, post-PhD job with CSIRO next Monday. It’s such a […]

hanky thief

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I harbour a bad dog in my house. Sure she’s cute and loving and nice to have around n’all, but I think at heart she might be a bad dog. It’s not that she pongs, is surly to just about everyone aside from a chosen few, is costing a mint in anti-anxiety medication (for her, […]

new office door smells funny

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As a late addition to the office renovation here at work, we had a white, textured vinyl, concertina style, fold away door installed in the kitchenette yesterday. Can you believe in this modern day and age that it closes with a vinyl strap attached to a big metal press stud affixed to the door frame? […]