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My favourite words change all the time depending on moods and seasons and whatever else there is that helps to shape the way I experience the world around me – and probably what I happen to be reading at the time. Today my three favourite words are: abide; linger; resonance. While I admit the first […]

two small things

1. How not to arrive at your girlfriend’s nameday dinner. Sweep into restaurant and while theatrically removing one’s ostentatious coat accidently knock specials board off wall which then wallops girlfriend on head with a really loud ‘clunk’. Ouch. It looked *really* painful from where I was sitting. 2. Awards ceremonies Upon receipt of the “Anthony […]

spring in smith street

The feral spring wind has brought a new aspect to working on Smith Street. Along with the usual sounds of bargain hunters and traffic and trams etc is the crash and clatter of pavement advertising signs falling over. After each particularly vicious gust can be heard a cacophony of crashes down the street. Followed I’m […]

ode to the postman

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Andreas is our postie. He’s about the most accommodating human being I’ve ever met. Nothing is ever too much trouble. He’s happy to wait without complaint while I count through the mail which should have all been tallied up before he arrives. He has a lovely accent. Everything is fantastic. Terrific. Marvellous. Whatever we do […]

more money or more debt?

I have just received an invitation to extend the credit limit of my card to a mighty four thousand dollars. Given that my card is currently all paid off (hooray!) an extra two grand would only mean a lot of extra potential debt. But how much extra? The last time the blank offered to raise […]

depressing making

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How is it that a person can do all the right things eg. do the reading, do extra research, write up a pithy paper making important points, find an excellent video which illustrates said points (as well as funny looking 1972 German haircuts), bring in bright and colourful props, actively enjoy chatting to people and […]

productivity = 0; snoozing = 1

Get up early on weekend to take dog for walk. Most productive. Excellent. Which allows me to put on all washing and get it onto line before 9.00 am. Most productive. Excellent. Which allows me to go to market to stock up on provisions for forthcoming week (yes, yes, mr deli man – I know […]

looks like a dog, acts like a dog, smells like … a duck

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Sure, she looks like a dog. And sounds like a dog. And acts like a dog. But she smells like a duck. Eeewwh!! Dogs are such low lifes. They have no couth between them. None. My Maisie is a fine example. Hmmm, is there something disgusting out here to eat? Yes? Then, I’ll eat it! […]


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It’s not often that a battling little teachers’ organisation like the one I work for gets a mention in Parliament. But we made it today! Right there in Hansard (I just looked it up.) How about that? Enshrined forever as an inconsequential political pawn in the ongoing slanging match between the opposition and the government. […]

adam is bored

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It is not enough now for Adam, our indefatigable personal trainer, simply to come down to Footscray Park twice a week with his implements of torture at the ready (medicine balls, weights, those stretchy things, skipping ropes, etc) and a new boot-camp style regime of exercise to inflict upon us. Oh, no. Star Fitness Inc […]