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exiting 2003

Go to party? Party. Party. Party. Stay home. Drink Baileys. Play scrabble? Dilemma. Whatever you do, enjoy! Be safe. And may 2004 bring everything your heart desires!

make way for the lady with the cake: or how to get a seat on the train during the busy Christmas shopping period

Last weekend was a two barbeque weekend. As a part of my contribution to the first barbeque I volunteered to bring a cake. It was all a bit last minute so I dashed down to my favourite bakery on Smith St to secure just the right comestible. Ah, yes. A chocolate mud cake. Flourless at […]


Just finishing off the last of my Christmas cards. (So if you haven’t got one yet, they’re on their way. Promise.) I usually like to send cards which have some kind of purpose in addition to spreading around the Christmas cheer eg. proceeds from this year’s lot go to the Breast Cancer Foundation. They are […]


A few months ago my workplace was broken in to by the world’s most courteous thieves. They were very neat and they took nothing. (Why bother?) Anyway this necessitated contact with the coppers who duely arrived, asked questions and took away a glass louvre window pane in an attempt to find some finger prints. Yesterday […]

aperitif, anyone?

Last night I got home and my housemate offered me an aperitif. Splendid. Lovely pre-dinner drinkies. Just the thing. Upon relating this occurence to my office mate it became apparent that each of us needs to listen a little more closely to the other (and makes me wonder how many other conversations we’ve had resulting […]

39 hours

So, how did you spend your weekend? Well, I spent precisely 39 hours in the company of just the one person. And he didn’t run away, arms flung in the air, shrieking.* What’s more, neither did I. Curious. Happy too. 🙂 * (Although he may have if he saw me just before attempting to work […]

my monthly metcard

My monthly Metcard is the vital component in my own personal transport arsenal. I use it most days in my to-ing and fro-ing. As the sole public transporter in my workplace my monthly Metcard is also in high demand from workmates with meetings in the city during the day. Today, for example, it has gone […]

and the answer is …

Prozac. Seriously. And no. It’s not for me. (I’m not that upset about the demise of Kim.) It’s for Miss Maisie and her ‘classic case’ of anxiety-based behaviours. According to the dog psychologist we’ll ditch the canine treatments and start on the people pills. And if Prozac doesn’t work … there’s always Aropax… or Zoloft […]