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taking the hard out of hard rubbish

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Our local council has organised a hard rubbish collection day for today. Thus my walk to the station this morning was spent looking at all the good stuff that my neighbours have decided to rid themselves of: old computer cases and garden clippings are at the top of the list. Probably most of the really […]

clothes for comment

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I have recently purchased a new skirt which I like very much. It is of a certain length and a certain colour. Those who know me well can probably pretty much visualise it – most of my ‘new’ things morph into my existing wardrobe with barely a ripple. However, this one is a little different. […]

new name required

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Last night I went along with my comrades Jacqui and Justine to the Metro (it’s been a while – close to 12 years I reckon) to see Badly Drawn Boy. I was quite looking forward to this event given my recent experience of missing out on tickets to see Ben Harper – there was indeed […]

where is she?

I’ve been a bit slack about contributing to my blog lately. One of my office mates has wondered whether, if there are no obvious signs of life on the blog, there would there be any concern expressed amongst my vast readership as to why there were no entries. Any solicious enquiries about possible carpal tunnel […]


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This morning I went as usual to a drop-in centre where I do some volunteer work. One of the people I’ve been working with there brought me in a present to apologise for a misunderstanding we had had the previous week. I had forgotten all about it, but it was important enough for him to […]

more on the mice

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The ongoing turf war between the humans and the mice continues. We have been catching and disposing of a mouse a day over recent times. Yesterday however, the mice had a minor victory. In a sleepy (pre-cup of tea) attempt to empty the trap into a plastic bag I failed to notice that the mouse, […]

an unexpected beginning

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This morning I thought I’d just make a cup of tea. Actually this is the first thing I think upon waking every morning. My housemate says that I am not really compus mentus (see) until I have completed the first cup. Today is special. We have cake in the house so I can indulge my […]

Heath = Ned = Heath = Ned

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Overheard on the train to work this morning was a very excited conversation about the imminent release of the new Ned Kelly movie (and, no, it was not between me and someone else very excitable, it was definitely a very eager group of school girls.) “Heath Ledger (sp?), He’s so sexy!” “Ned Kelly, he’s a […]

the secret life of …….me!

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Where my past is unexpectedly brought to life on the small screen. At the end of a busy long weekend Justine and I sat down to watch ‘The Secret Life of Us’. Sure, it’s a soap but that’s what makes it ideal viewing. (Although I must be getting old because rather than describing it as […]

a creature of habit

Every Saturday morning I trundle down to Footscray Market to do the shopping. I’ve been doing this for just over two years. I guess I must be a bit of a fixture but I did not realise it was this obvious. Today I decided to mix it up a little and arrived earlier than usual. […]