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March 13th, 2003 at 1:00 pm

Heath = Ned = Heath = Ned

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Overheard on the train to work this morning was a very excited conversation about the imminent release of the new Ned Kelly movie (and, no, it was not between me and someone else very excitable, it was definitely a very eager group of school girls.)
“Heath Ledger (sp?), He’s so sexy!” “Ned Kelly, he’s a legend!”
‘Hmmm”, I thought. “Yes, Ned Kelly is a legend: handsome, young, a larrikin, a horseman and boxer and brave in death. He is everything that makes a peculiarly ‘Australian’ version of a hero. Nevertheless he was also a thug and basically a cold-blooded killer. Whatever you think though, he certainly has become a legend. Those girls are quite right.”
Tuning back into the conversation after these idle musings, we had moved on to “Heath Ledger (sp?), he’s SUCH a legend.”
I must be getting old. This is not a conversation I can be a part of. I can just picture the looks on the faces of these girls if I tried joining in the conversation. Ned Kelly the legend, I can manage. But Heath Ledger – that’s a whole different story.

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