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the week in review

Or the last four days anyway. Thursday 26 Feb: Give some thought to an outfit which would allow me to go from work to uni to concert while remaining appropriately dressed for all three. Fall back on tried and true layering technique. Go to work. Ho hum. Post birthday card to my brother. Sneak in […]


One of my long cherished desires has been to get a job naming the colours on paint charts. Paint colour names are hilarious. And definitely a trap for the unwary venturer into the land of the colour chart. Mostly because they seek to obscure any attempt you might make to visualise the colour for yourself. […]

no fun in caulfield

Spent part of the weekend assisting a friend prepare to move house. Walked down to the local hardware store with my helper to buy a few necessities. Took an armload of old telephone books with us to throw in the ‘book muncher’. But there’s no book muncher. So back we go, lugging the books, laughing […]

the wall of milk

In larger workplaces it seems that along with stationery some of the suppliers also stock biscuits (stale and disappointing), tea and coffee, milk, etc. The usual staples for keeping the worker bees relatively happy. A few weeks ago a large stationery order arrived. And with it 72 cartons of long life milk. 72! A long […]


I have just spent 25 minutes of my life going through a catalogue of doorknobs. Gold ones, silver ones, brass ones, copper ones, wrought iron ones … Electo-plated, satin chrome, matt, polished … it’s endless. I had no idea. And I’m still not sure what I want. Sometimes there’s a tyranny of choice.

my public transport gripe

As a consequence of going out with the talking head of the PTUA, I am increasingly being drawn into conversations about other people’s public transport gripes – even when he is not present. Increases in ticket costs – whinge, whine, whinge. (Hey, you should pass that on to Daniel, Marita). No conductors/poor behaviour on the […]

… and continues

So my sunglasses have come back to me. Or have been found at least. But now I’ve lost my reading glasses. Woe is me.

the cycle continues

I lost my sunglasses on the weekend. Somewhere between home and Newport and back. I put them down for a minute and they just vanished. I liked them a lot. I liked them mostly because they were found objects themselves. (They came from the lost property box at my previous work where unclaimed items, after […]

the upgrade

I had never had an upgrade. I had heard stories of upgraded plane seats and hotel rooms and the like but it’d never been something I’d experienced. At least until last week. Sitting in a small cafe at lunch I ordered the same hot chocolate as the time before however, when it arrived, it was […]