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the day of the dead umbrellas

And, yea, there were a multitude. Many umbrellas died in yesterday’s downpour, this is how I killed mine: Scramble onto a packed train with my three bags and half closed, dripping umbrella behind me. Squashed back against the door by the crush, I can’t close the umbrella. I spot a person who I’m trying to […]

a pot of flowers, thanks

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When you do a White Pages internet search for ‘florist’, one of the hits is for the Molly Blooms Hotel. “Hey, I’ll go and get the flowers”, comes a chorus of volunteers. “I think not’, say I.

the critic

Our dog Maisie knows her own mind and has strong views on the way things should be: “Get uuup“, she implores each morning at daybreak. “I have to go for a walk nowwwww“, at approximately 6.30am and between 4.00 and 6.00pm each day. ” I want some of your food. Give me some. Pleeeeease“, whenever […]

email conversation

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Him: “How’s life? Peachy?” Her: “OMG. I’m eating a peach now. Life IS peachy!” Him: “I’m s…peachless!” Chuckles all round.

the bad pants

A moment of pure terror in a changing room at Highpoint. Waltzed into the purveyor of jeans and selected the usual: straight cut, slim fit, black denim, size 10. And, hey, 20% off!! Just made the tedious trip out by tram worthwhile. Decided to try them on with a couple of ‘possible’ new shirts. Into […]


Any successful workplace relocation requires a high level of organisation and coordination. Today we spent twenty minutes being briefed on the correct placement of stickers on the moving boxes. A sample box and stickers were provided for those finding the verbal directions too complex/confusing. No written directions are allowed on the boxes. All communication will […]


Each attempt to use the hole-punch device today was prefaced by a short, sharp static-electric shock. And an aggreived ‘Ow!’ I thought it was only shoes with ridiculously high heels which posed a health and safety issue. I’ve got to move that hole-punch within reaching distance.

the washup

A pleasing number of election day sausage sizzles were reported to me from across the metropolitan area and in regional Victoria. Primary schools led the way in this regard, closely followed by church halls. Sausages consumed by self at voting day sausage sizzle = 1. Sausages consumed by my social voting group* at voting day […]

scratch, scratch, scratch

I have a three-legged dog. Poor girl. It’s the change of season and she’s losing her winter coat. In tufts. Great clouds of hair. It’s everywhere. And it makes her so itchy. Every few steps she has to sit and scratch. Often there’s no time to sit – so she carries on with three legs, […]

voting 2004

We get to vote again this Saturday. Apparently there are still large numbers of voters unable to decide which way they will go. I have made my decision. There was never really a decision to make. What I do need to decide, however, is where to vote. When I lived in Elwood we voted at […]