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Dear Ms/Mr Enyo, Upon browsing through your catalogue I was impressed by the variety and utility of your many fine products: there were things to clean the kitchen, things to clean the bathroom, things to clean the car, things to clean the adults and things to clean the kids… But nothing to clean the dog. […]


Someone on the weekend reckoned I had a ‘funny’ laugh. That’s funny as in peculiar, not funny as in HAR, HAR. Loud, I can accept. Maybe even raucous. But peculiar? Sigh. I don’t reckon it’s so bad as to be commentable.


Was having a whinge last week about how long it was taking me to get home via the train each night. No complaints about the morning service. I often catch the 8.45am Flinders St train and am at my desk at work for 9.00am. Splendid. However, in the evening it was taking me over an […]

the gas bill

We got our gas bill yesterday. It’s a magic gas bill. We don’t have to pay it. Somewhere along the line my housemate and I must have blythely paid gas bill after gas bill without realising that each of us was putting money into the account. Until one day we noticed that the gas bill […]

swings and roundabouts

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Tony and Rae saw justice prevail swiftly and triumphantly at the Tenancy Tribunal today. (Actually so did Daniel and I – but only from the back row!) Fifteen minutes it took to have the issues resolved, we hope, for good. We left with the sense that the world was as it should be. For others […]


It is very excellent that I can read two novels over the long weekend and reasonably legitimately call it homework ’cause at the moment we’re doing ‘grammar’ in my course and where else am I to find examples of grammar, good and bad, but in my current novels (or the Saturday and Sunday Ages, for […]

marita has links

It has taken twelve months or more. But now I have links! And a written list of ‘how to’ instructions just in case something goes awry. Especial thanks to Justine (who knows html) and the small dog (who kept watch while it happened.)


‘Tis a funny ole thing, that English language. I’ve been reading a grammar book today in preparation for my class on Thursday. There is so much I just don’t know about the nuts and bolts stuff. I can’t remember ever learning this sort of building blocks material at school. Although we did do a lot […]