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I hate fit balls

Fit balls. The new bane of my existence. We use them a lot in training – and they are quite good for ensuring proper technique when doing twenty bazillion abdominal crunches (yes, we’re down there for a while.) Anyway, today Adam made us do something new. Which seemed to basically involve me falling off one […]


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Sneeze. Sneeze. Sneeze. SNEEZE. SNEEZE. Sneeze. Bless you. ‘Fanks. Snortle. LOUD and protracted blowing of nose ensues. (….76 trombones in the big parade….) Sigh. Repeat in loop. Enter: “Propel” Fitness Water – The Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage. (Puhleaze.) One free sample at the train station this morning. Perhaps it’ll work. Drinks. Waits. Sneezes. SNEEZES again. […]

the new job

I have a new job! Brand-spanking new. Shiney and lovely and pristine. No one has ever done it before. And it’s mine. Hooray. Now I have to go and write a list or several.

the pirate wore brogues

History conferences tend to bring together a very weird and wonderful slice of humanity. They’re certainly not all old crusties by any means despite what you may think – there is a fair percentage of young nerdy types too! Actually, ‘nerdy’ is probably not quite right – it’s more like just a bit strange. As […]


Why did they ring today? The only day this week I’ve worn oh so casual jeans and docs to work (because I knew I’d be schlepping big boxes of books around and a girl needs to be appropriately dressed) is the only day the recruitment company chooses to ring and ask that I “come in […]

how to be cool

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Hey, I’m about 15 and hanging out in a tram shelter watching myself blow smoke rings in the glass reflection. Man, am I cool? In fact, I’m so busy watching my reflection I don’t notice the steadily elongating piece of ash on the end of my ciggie until it drops onto the front of my […]

trivia on a Friday night

Trivia night tonight. What is my special category? I think it will have to be ‘unexpected songs covered by Johnny Cash on his last couple of CDs’. That’s what I’ve been listening to over the last couple of hours. Did Johnny Cash ever cover anything by the ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’? Yes! What about Nick […]