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how to decide where to go for lunch

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Can’t decide where to go for lunch? Then nominate a time to leave work. Nominate a side of the street to walk down. Walk until you encounter your companion. Then eat where you meet. And as long as the street upon which you walk is filled with lovely little eateries, then you’ll be fine. (Choose […]

sometimes it’s worth turning up to work

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Because sometimes there’s chocolate, and sometimes there’s champagne. And sometimes, like today, there’s chocolate *and* champagne. Hmmmm, luvverly worksch, luvverly workschmateseses, luvverly champagnes (ooh, a bit mores? Exschellents!), luvverly everybodys!

in search of cake

This weekend past I decided to take a cake to the social function I was attending. Having had a busyish morning I did not have time to make anything myself, but I knew of a cake shop where I would find exactly what I wanted: the closest thing I can find to a cinnamon babka […]


I handed it in. x fingers its OK. No more obsessing. Hooray!

the thoughtful thieves

My workplace was broken into over the weekend. And if forced to experience a break-in, it might as well be like the one here. Nothing was broken. Nothing was stolen. Whoever they were, they gained access via the toilet window, carefully removing each of the louvre glass panes and stacking them neatly in an unbroken […]

scratch lunch

What you get to eat for lunch when you are stuck at home *still* writing the essay (which is due tomorrow so it’s critical that any food consumed should be providing maximum creative output): crumpets x 3 – dripping with butter and golden syrup; pickled baby cucumbers x 1/2 a jar; rest of the cheese […]

panicking now

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Can’t write anything. Nothing to say. I can’t remember if panicking has a ‘k’ in it or not. Looks a bit funny. Arrghh! I hate this. I know I’m in trouble when I start to calculate how many words I need to write per day in order to hand […]


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What an amusing thing it is to watch one’s dog experience a case of the hiccups. She is surprised anew every single time! Cuteness like this outweighs any amount of the other stuff.

to begin

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So, it rapidly approaches 12 noon on my stay-at-home-from-work-to-begin-writing-essay day. Achievements thus far: Purchased new vacuum cleaner x1; Purchased new choker chain x1 (for the DOG, previous one lost in park); Rang council to request new dog registration tag x1 (previous one also lost in park); Spoke to plumber regarding ongoing plumbing difficulties – he […]

the last class

I just finished my last class in my first semester as an MA Communications (by coursework) student. All over. Well, except for the final piece of written work. As usual I shared the train ride home with Peter, the lecturer. Initially I found this to be really odd – what are the boundaries? Answer: the […]