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September 26th, 2006 at 9:33 pm

the blimp! the blimp!

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There’s a new thing to be scared of (if you’re a dog by the name of Maise Cullen-Heazlewood). It’s Holden’s advertising blimp which is frequenting the skies of the inner west during show time. Apparently this afternoon it was subject to a severe and elongated telling-off when it drifted its way a little too close to our back yard. This evening it got the evil eye during the afternoon/early evening dog walk – that flashing light display is very irritating. And tonight it caused a small dog to cower in the foot well after we’d dropped Justine at the airport. The thing was descending in all its night time glory just across the way from us on our way home. If it haunts us so for the next two weeks, we’re both gonna be nervous wrecks!

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  1. carly Says:

    hey marita – have a great christmas!