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the absent blogger

Yes, that’s me. But it’s only because I’ve been working (really hard) – so no time for idle blogging in the workplace. And, with the recent changes to my blog set up, I’ve found it hard to remember where it is that I actually post new entries. Not that I’m ditzy or anything. Or maybe […]

the absent trainer

Today Justine and I (and Maisie) trained by ourselves at the park based upon a series of instructions SMSed to us from Adam. Seemed to go OK. And, post-solstice, the morning did seem brighter. Although that may have been my imagination. Hmmm, he had better not be charging us for the session.

new low in birthdays

I have oft complained about the tragicness of my family’s response to the birthday scenario. So much so, indeed, that people actively inquire as to when the standard dud Tattslotto ticket is expected to arrive. Upon reaching my mailbox yesterday evening I fully expected to be in receipt of the said ticket. But there was […]

look at my new blog – no, you’re not in the wrong spot!

Now that it looks so good, I’ll have to think up a betterer name! Thank you so much to Daniel – it really was a surprise. And thank you to Tony too. Happy birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday Marita

Happy birthday Marita Love xxx Daniel


How I choose to celebrate my birthday: go and see a performance by the Bangarra Dance Company. How Daniel chooses to celebrate my birthday: hang around on a train station for an hour before giving a urine sample in the furtherance of scientific knowledge. I know what I’d prefer!!

the tightarse

Daniel drives Marita to Kew and fossicks about in the cobwebs under a house. Daniel drives Marita to Bendigo (and back) on a cold, rainy, windy day. Daniel lends Marita a not insubstantial sum of money to accomplish the object of the visit to Bendigo. On the drive home from Bendigo Daniel decides to purchase […]

a long weekend of furniture

My long weekend will be devoted to attempting to furnish my bedroom. Part (A) involves scrabbling about under someone’s house to see if an old fireplace they have is the right size and shape to slot into the space under the mantel in my room where – at present – there is nothing but a […]

new shoes

I have two lovely new pairs of shoes. They’re my favourite ‘mary janes’. A black pair and a burgundy pair. Comfortable and stylish. (I think so anyway.) One day I’ll wear one burgundy shoe and one black shoe – just to see if anyone’s paying attention.

did you notice what a lovely morning it was?

Yes, it was a nice morning. I noticed it when I got up at 10 past six. I noticed it in the car on the way to the park. I noticed it as I ran around the oval to ‘limber up’ for the training session with Adam. I noticed it as I hung out on […]