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I wonder?

8.30 am. ‘Bloke’ to ‘mate’ on city loop train this morning: “Mate, I could really go a chiko roll, ya know?” ‘Mate’ to ‘bloke’: “Mate, I think they make chicken rolls just about everywhere.” ‘Bloke’ to ‘mate’: “Nah, mate. A ‘chiko’ roll.” ‘Mate’ to ‘bloke’: “I don’t reckon they make ’em anymore. Ya might have […]

I can drive!

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Three years ago I decided to bite the bullet and get some lessons and trade in my decrepit looking Learner’s Permit (it’d been around for a long time) for a Probationary Licence. My Learner’s Permit had proved itself useful in providing me with ID on occasion but it really was getting less and less use […]

day one

Day one of my holiday has been largely devoted to administrivia. Trundling around to update driver’s licence, pay uni fees, pay off a bit more of the house, etc etc. Not exactly on the top of the list of all time fabulous holiday activities, but worthy nevertheless. And they’d been bugging me. So much better […]


I’m sleeping in. I’m reading novels. I’m ignoring my essay. I’m gadding about. I’m snoozing in the sunshine (if there’s any to be found!) I’m not answering the phone. I’m making sure I have elevenses. I’m ignoring my essay. I’m going to the gallery. I’m dressing down. I’m doing some painting. (DIY) I’m going to […]

they’re *transitional*, OK?

To the well meaning people who have yet to cross my path but who, when they do, feel the urge to suggest I purchase a pair of tweezers … And to those who have already done so … And to those who’ve been looking at me funny over the last week or so … Look, […]

ode to the washing machine

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We have a new washing machine in our house. It does not belong to me but to my housemate Justine. It is brand new. I have never owned a new white good in my life. My (reconditioned) washing machine was loaned to someone else when I started sharing with Justine and washed away innumerable stains […]

bye bye buffy

What a slow and weary afternoon! Over 50% of our staff stayed up to watch the final episode of Buffy last night. Thoroughly dissected it was this morning but this afternoon has degenerated into sleepydom. ‘Twas a worthy ending – if not outstanding. Bit of humour, bit of drama, bit of pathos. Lots of girl […]

idle observations

Overheard recently on a Footscray street: “Well, they can stick their crappy house right up their Kaniva pass” (man – bad temperedly – into mobile phone whilst gesticulating wildly.) Where? (and how???) Which is completely unrelated to the notable postmark on mail I received from the UK: Happy birthday Dr Who!

new person

There is a new person in the world today. Welcome to little Alia Rose Pollard. And congrats to her mum and dad – Kathy and Gary. Big smiles!


One of the most useful benefits of my new student card (complete with dodgy photo) is, of course, student priced movie tickets. Or it would be a useful benefit if I remembered I had it in my purse when purchasing said tickets. I guess at the moment it’s benefit is still ‘potential’ given I haven’t […]