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August 6th, 2003 at 3:59 pm


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One of the most useful benefits of my new student card (complete with dodgy photo) is, of course, student priced movie tickets. Or it would be a useful benefit if I remembered I had it in my purse when purchasing said tickets. I guess at the moment it’s benefit is still ‘potential’ given I haven’t actually exercised it yet. Mind you, the last movie I went to see was so good it was certainly worth the full $13.00 price tag. (A Mighty Wind, Cinema Nova, last Saturday night). Judging from word of mouth a reasonable percentage of Melbourne’s population was also in the cinema with us – which is surprising really given that it did not appear over full. I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway as I was too busy crying with laughter. I had a very good time.
As I’m on a movie theme I might relate some movie gossip which came to me via my mother (if you know her, you’ll agree she’s the person least likely to impart gossip of this nature, but there you go). Actually, it’s not really gossip, just an interesting snippet which involves my family.
Paul Hogan, Michael Caton and Pete Postlewaite (all fine actors – well all members of the profession) are starring in a new film entitled ‘Strange Bedfellows’. It’s being filmed in Yackandandah – a beautiful little town in Victoria’s north east and one of my favourite places on earth. The premise of the film is that two guys pretend to be a gay couple (?!) in order to gain tax advantages (?!) – and are spied on (?!) to validate the ‘truth’ of their relationship. Tres amusing, yes? (Oh, undoubtedly?)
Anyway – a large part of the film is set in my grandparents’ house. Yes, it’s now a ‘secure location’. A film set. Only film people are allowed access. Lots of security, etc etc. (One hopes they are checking all of the cows which walk pass the house every morning and night on their way to be milked at the dairy. You know what kind of film groupies cows can be?)
It will be interesting to see how the house comes across in the film nevertheless. While my grandparents died a number of years ago my cousins still live there and my uncle still runs the farm. I spent part of every school holidays there for years and loved it so much. What will they do to it?

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2 Responses to “movies”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Mighty Wind? Nova last Saturday? If it was the 7:30pm showing, my friends and I were there too 🙂 Yeah, funny stuff.

  2. missmarita Says:

    Yes, Mighty Wind. Yes, Saturday night.
    But no on the 7.30 session.
    We were still dithering about where to eat.
    The movie had lost nothing by the 9.20 session though – still pretty funny!