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the scary bed

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As a special treat, we bought the dog a new bed. The old one was thin and stinky. The new one is luxurious and full of beans. But it makes a funny noise when you touch it – consequently it’s way too scary for the dog to actually sleep on (although she will lie next […]

the rose that ate the house

Taking some laundry off the washing line this evening, I noticed a piece of mission brown painted timber nestled near the base of a climbing rose bush which has entwined itself in and around our back porch. I also noticed that a reasonably large piece of the porch eave was missing. It seems the rose […]


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One of the architects we’ve been talking to about the proposed house renovation has rhapsodised at great length about ‘texture’ being one of the great features of our home in its current incarnation. Hmmm. Never really thought about ‘texture’ as being either here or there in terms of a feature in my house. What about […]


Not only did my reluctant plasterer do a fantatic job with making my bedroom look 100% better – with the addition of a little plaster board and cornice work, he also staked up the quince tree in the front yard as an added bonus. With the help of a piece of metal put out for […]

funny accents

I know I can have a bit of a ‘rural’ accent – I use it when on the phone with my family and it is definitely detectable after spending a bit of time in the country. I didn’t realise I may have a more ‘international’ accent though – until I was recently speaking to someone […]

this blog has been ….

… not updated in some time. Too busy? Too introspective? Too … errrr… lazy? Maybe. February came and went, starring (in no particular order): sunburn, a new umbrella, architects and vets, a reluctant plasterer, dentistry, lawn bowling, mistaken identity, very expensive cheese, tricky questions and the cycle of life. March brings autumn, the start of […]