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March 2nd, 2005 at 12:15 pm

this blog has been ….

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… not updated in some time.

Too busy? Too introspective? Too … errrr… lazy? Maybe.
February came and went, starring (in no particular order): sunburn, a new umbrella, architects and vets, a reluctant plasterer, dentistry, lawn bowling, mistaken identity, very expensive cheese, tricky questions and the cycle of life.
March brings autumn, the start of a new semester and homework avoidance strategy number 87 – a return to blogging.

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5 Responses to “this blog has been ….”

  1. Miss Trish Says:

    Glad to see that homework avoidance strategy #87 is top of your list of things to do again & glad to read you again too!

  2. Miss Trish Says:

    Oh, and ‘Mistaken identity’? Do tell!

  3. Kathy Says:

    I’d rather hear about the tricky questions … unless they involve maths, in which case forget it, I wouldn’t understand the answers anyway 🙂

  4. Annabel Says:

    heh heh – mmm…shirking…

    Good to see you back me matey!

  5. missmarita Says:

    “Mistaken identity?” It’s probaby drawing a bit of a long bow, however, in selecting new cornice work to put into my bedroom I decided on a design which appeared, to my non-practised eye, to be composed of a tulip motif. I spent some time discussing the “tulips” with the people in the shop. All good. Cornice work ordered and paid for. Then the delivery man rang to tell me that my cornices were ready for delivery. “Hooray”, I say. “The tulips are really pretty.” “They’re not tulips”, he says, they’re gumnuts.” “Are you sure?” “CN2247? They’re definitely gumnuts.” And yea, upon closer inspection at delivery, they were indeed gumnuts. Still – happy with the choice. A suggestion was made that I blog about this and link it to the fact that I was undergoing multiple dental work at the time under the heading ‘Gums and Gumnuts’ however I chose to ignore it.
    “Tricky questions?” While Daniel and I were at a lunch following a friend’s daughter’s christening in downtown Yarraville, being asked by one of her distant (and overly-curious relatives) “so when are you two making babies?” (“I’ve been watching the way you look at each other”, she then says. Yikes!)
    Also, on the way to work one day, I helpfully pointed a young man in the right direction and he then proceeded to pump me for “good” answers to job interview questions – “what would you say if someone asked …” Hope I didn’t give him a bum steer!