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Miss Marita has left the building

…and the country. She’ll be back in three weeks.

impressions of impressionists

It was a cold and rainy day when we ventured out to the gallery to peruse the latest blockbuster exhibition – ‘The Impressionists’. It was a lovely afternoon of art, however, even if the paintings were viewed by dodging around all the other people who had also decided the gallery was the place to be […]

getting closer

So, now it’s one week to go. This time next Thursday I’ll be on that plane! Munching on a small bag of peanuts. And sipping a minute orange juice. Wondering just how bad the movies will be! It’s hard, I know.

times are a’changin’ … and we don’t like it

Outrage at work. Huddled groups of employees whispering in corners. Rumours abounding. Accusations of retrograde steps. Protestations. Whinging. General unrest. And dissatisfaction. What’s it all about? The new chairs.

two weeks today

Two weeks today I’ll be on a plane. Heading for places far away. Underscoring my excitement is the knowledge that my tax return money has arrived. Now I have some spending money! Oooooh, fourteen sleeps to go.

greetings from Riga

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It’s five to five and I’m packing up in preparation to leave for the day. The phone rings. Again. Arrgh. Perhaps I’ll leave it. It’s home time, after all. Sigh. Picks up phone. Phone spiel. ‘Hi, it’s me!’ ‘Hi, you. Where are you?’ ‘I’m sitting in a park.’ ‘Really, where?’ ‘Outside the Riga Castle. In […]

i’m still playing

Here is my dressing table. Just the usual stuff with a sneaky part pic of the photographer in the reflection of the mirror.

he just keeps turning up

There he was at Beth’s party a couple of weeks ago. And there he was again on Saturday night at the party in honour of my friend, Liz. He knows my friend Trish. And my friend Natalie. I don’t really know him but there are a lot of links. PS. His name in NOT Daniel […]