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kylie dreams

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My colleague and friend Kylie has just entered the third trimester of her pregnancy. She has begun to dream. Vividly. Not just images, but sounds and smells as well. Yesterday she informed me that I had been in one of her dreams. We were in a hospital together. We both had a baby. She said […]

… you were great too

Have just been listening to the latest Deborah Conway CD, Summertown, for the nth time – you know, the one that I got signed (along with my precious Do Re Mi CD) by Deb herself in Tony and Rae’s loungeroom at the Tony and Rob (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) mini-concert – and, […]


And how to make a choice. I guess it depends on the purpose. Several girlfriends have recently or are currently going through the protracted process of choosing a name for their children. Family names? Old names? New names? There are infinite options. I, myself, have only ever been involved in choosing names for pets. Ah, […]

i forgot the meme again …

But here it is. The doorbell doesn’t work but at night, with the hall light on behind it, it’s the prettiest door in the street.

… and here is the bathroom cabinet

Rather late but nevertheless, as per Daniel’s meme, here is the bathroom cabinet in my house. Note the segmentation into three zones of activity. It contains the usual assortment of a modern girlie’s bathroom products: everything from deoderant to cold cream, face masks to dencorub, cottonballs to dettol. And some spare earplugs. There alsoused to […]

the deification of adam

Before the mysterious disappearance, it was written via SMS : “Jog around the oval, walk around the oval, squats, dips, sprints. Repeat x 3.” In the absence of the Trainer these words have become a gospel for two lost and lonely personal trainer devotees. Typically for any last message from a great one to those […]

what’s Slovak for ‘help’?

Have just spent a little time brushing up on my Slovak by listening to sound samples on the internet. (OK, so I have no Slovak to brush up on.) Hmmm. Tricky. Very tricky. I’ll only be there for a day. But which phrases will be the most useful?

mistaken identity

Me (accusingly) : How come you think you’re a Virgo? Him: Because I am. Me: No, you’re not (not that it matters). Him: Yes, I am. Me: No, the 22nd is on the cusp. Sure, you’re nearly a Virgo but you’re actually a Leo. Him: No, I’m not. Me: But I looked it up. You’re […]

i forgot … here’s the fridge in my house

Thanks to Daniel’s technology, here is a pic of the fridge in my house … On it you will see: a Sun cinema poster (out of date), recipes (various), a pic of the three bears by Phee, magnets (assorted), cartoons (all funny), an article on growing organic apples, a menu for the week, reviews of […]

you do the maths, I can’t

It costs $71 extra for me to take out travel insurance for the forthcoming trip to Hungary, Austria and Italy because I don’t have a spleen. What’s that extra $1 for? Very curious.