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July 8th, 2004 at 1:19 pm

i forgot … here’s the fridge in my house

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Thanks to Daniel’s technology, here is a pic of the fridge in my house …

On it you will see: a Sun cinema poster (out of date), recipes (various), a pic of the three bears by Phee, magnets (assorted), cartoons (all funny), an article on growing organic apples, a menu for the week, reviews of some of Footscray’s restaurants, a postcard and a personal training program (or record of the times Adam has not shown up).

Above it you will see: a steamer and an assortment of plastic containers.

Beside it you will see: aprons, a recycled plastic bag holder and a linen shopping bag.

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2 Responses to “i forgot … here’s the fridge in my house”

  1. Diary of an Average Australian Says:

    Here is my fridge
    And now, courtesy of my day off yesterday, here is my fridge. Move your mouse around over it to see the captions.

    Ren reckons this would make a good Meme. Yeah, why not. Go for it guys, do your fridges this week, Trackback/leave comments. And I…

  2. Rae Says:

    Another pic by Phee on a fridge! And though she knows this one is there, when she saw it the other week, she’ll still be chuffed that it’s on the computer screen!