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mmm, you smell nice

This morning I was forced into a convenient Haighs chocolate shop in order to break a $20 note. I invested in some chocolate frogs for later and a couple of the lemon truffles for my tram journey. Sitting on the tram enjoying my truffle the woman beside me asks: “What perfume are you wearing. ” […]

St Stephen’s Day 2004

We arrived in Budapest on St Stephen’s Day – a national holiday. Crowds gathered along the Danube to watch an aerobatic competition involving small planes flying under bridges perilously close to the viewing public. There was music. There was dancing. There were fireworks in the evening. And all outside our hotel. What a perfect place […]

ok, I need to make a start somewhere

It’s a very hard thing, it is, having too much to blog about. One of my favourite places in Budapest was Statue Park. With the downfall of the Communist regime, an enterprising proto-capitalist (there’s always one) rescued many of the political statues – which had hitherto dominated the city’s streets – before they were carted […]

it IS hard to come home

It was three weeks of spending time in favourite places with favourite people. And seeing new sights. And eating good food. And relaxing. It’s hard to leave that behind. To return to your non-holiday life. To come home. It’s no wonder the dog is depressed. Yes, after her three week sojourn in the country with […]

hello? hello?

Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. Waking up. Where am I? It’s my house. I’m home.