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who’s a chubby girl, then?

Poor, poor girl. It’s not just her mental health – now her weight is an issue. In the past she’s been a svelte, sleek 15kgs. Now she’s coming in at a whopping 16.9kgs! (But we tell her it’s all muscle.) And blame her newfound chubbiness on her grandparents overdoing the treats during the three week […]


A new acquaintance has inducted me into the weird world of Swedish cooking and beverages. (After telling me of an hilarious excursion to Ikea with his grandparentals in order to eat dinner at the cafeteria – I had to know more!) I’m especially looking forward to trying some kluegg, a festive cola brew only available […]

the comfortable chair

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There’s a large, comfortable chair in the waiting area outside my office space. It disappeared recently. ‘Why?’ I enquired. “For reinforcement’, I was informed. Hmmm. Glad I didn’t try sitting in the comfortable chair. Will await its return with interest.


“You definitely grew into your looks. You’re an absolute testament to early orthodonic intervention and quality hair products.” (Delivered by someone who has seen the photos.)

olympic doughnuts

There’s nothing better on a cold and rainy day than to queue up outside that old caravan with the upside down olympic rings on the front and the blue, dolphin-shaped jam squirter within and receive through the little window from a work-worn pair of hands, a small bag of piping hot, sugar-coated treats. Mmmmmm.

wonder how the weekend went?

Last Friday night as I was standing out the front of work with two office chairs – awaiting the new owner of the said chairs – a small hatch-back, packed to the rafters, pulled up by the pavement. A young woman who was also waiting at the front of the building jumped in, after stuffing […]

Cup Day

Given we live only a stone’s throw from Flemington (albeit on the wrong side of the river), Cup Day is usually spent dodging limos and taxis in our street and pointing lost and foot-sore punters in the direction of the train station. Many local Footscrayers pack up the card tables and camp chairs and set […]

going cheap – only one owner

There are many things that I have never actually owned. A yacht, a camel, a pair of roller skates, a not butt-ugly couch, for example, are a few things that spring immediately to mind. There are also many things that, while I have never owned them, I’ve always had access to them. This would include […]