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performance enhancement

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I have found the World Cup cricket to be incredibly interesting – but largely for completely non-cricket related reasons. I love the uniforms (especially those orange Dutchmen/Dutch Orangemen!), I love the stories behind the teams of the less well known cricketing nations (again the Dutch and my personal favourite, the Canadians), I’ve enjoyed the ‘will […]

the technical valentine

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It is almost two weeks since Valentine’s Day. We are clearly out of the Valentine’s Day zone – after all, the hearts and flowers have come down in the shops. But how maleable is the time zone for Valentine’s Day? If it attaches to a weekend as it did this year, can the Valentine zone […]

the shed’s in the skip and associated events

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I sit here and ruefully contemplate an uncomfortable case of sunburn. Ruefully?? HA!! (Ouch) More likely, huefully as the upper part of my frame which is exposed to sunlight has attained a pinky glow – something akin to that which is found on a desiree potato if you need a visual pointer. (This, to me, […]

a titleless item on a nameless blog

And, as such, probably a substanceless entry… It is not without some prompting and, in recent times, a veiled threat (real or imagined, I’m not sure), that this entry appears. Rather than a finely honed piece of witty and nuanced prose, this entry has become a leap into the dark, hard on the heels of […]