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February 24th, 2003 at 2:07 pm

the shed’s in the skip and associated events

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I sit here and ruefully contemplate an uncomfortable case of sunburn. Ruefully?? HA!! (Ouch) More likely, huefully as the upper part of my frame which is exposed to sunlight has attained a pinky glow – something akin to that which is found on a desiree potato if you need a visual pointer. (This, to me, unhelpful – or perhaps a little too helpful – descriptor being provided by an agriculturally minded younger sibling at the event at which I achieved my new skin tone.)
It has been long awaited, but the destruction of my garden shed actually occured on the weekend. Yes, the shed is now no longer inhabiting the backyard – it now resides in the skip on my nature strip!
A, if I may say so, motley crew was assembled on Sunday morning. It ranged from the Very Keen (Andrew arrived early at 10 am replete with crowbar, eager for action/destruction) to the Rather Hungover (Brendan, Nicole and Adrian arrived late at 11 am wielding a saw and the kind of seedy expression which will not cope well with forthright hammering.)
But work began, and while the temperature and the noise levels rose, the shed came down!
After providing some stirling resistance (it was more sturdy than I’d given it credit for), all that remains of the shed with its attendant spiders and cobwebs and metres of mysterious wiring is a concrete slab. I can now set foot on parts of my backyard previously inaccessible to the humans and inhabited solely by big, mean, boy cats (at least, that’s what my nose told me!)
After a double take this morning (there’s something different out here and I don’t like it !!) even the dog has taken much pleasure in asserting her authority over the new domain. (Those wicked, no good cats have lost their asylum in the back corner for good!!)
As I cast an approving eye over my new kingdom, I was drawn inexplicably to the bungalow – now cowering in the adjacent corner, attempting to blend in with the fence and look less like a big shoebox on legs (admitedly a big ask given its actual size and shape!) It has been granted a reprieve at present, but – like the shed – its time will come.
Just by-the-by, use-by dates on sunscreen cream are MEANINGFUL.

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