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someone else’s day

My boss: “We were going to go to Castlemaine on Monday”. Me: “We went to Castlemaine on Monday! My boss: “We were going to have lunch at Saff’s cafe there.” Me: “That’s where we had lunch!” My boss: “Rod was feeling a bit down, we were going to have the fat chips.” Me: “That’s what […]

atmospheric hair

No, it does not mean it’s all dark, brooding and mysterious. Merely unduly affected by localised atmospheric conditions. It’s going to rain tonight without a doubt. My hair is presently in uber-curl mode. And I’ve run out of counterbalancing lotions. I’m stuck with a big black dandelion on my head. Scary. Sigh.

so, what did you say?

In the park this morning I am lying on a mat on a cricket pitch doing leg raises. (Don’t ask me why, Adam told me to do it and I did.) Over to my left a small dog with a large Sprite bottle in her mouth scuttles across my field of vision. “My you’ve got […]

the look

Today I got a look. One of those inter-generational, ‘I don’t understand you, you crazy old person’ looks. Sigh. It’s all about the mobile phones. And the text messages. Until today, I didn’t know how to send one. Actually I had sent one before. From my ex-workmate’s phone. Accidently informing the recipient that we were […]

the prescription

We have finally taken delivery of the first installment of Prozac for the dog. I hate making dogs take medication at the best of times. They always seem to spit whatever it is they’re supposed to be taking out and I have to go crawling around trying to rescue half masticated, saliva coated pills only […]

new year, new job

I’m two days into my new job. I’m playing with the grown ups now. There are no charades at lunch time. 🙁 There is no staff lolly jar. 🙁 I looked in the fridge and there aren’t any zooper doopers. 🙁 But there is … a dishwasher!!* 🙂 Hooray! * Heh, heh, heh. That’s just […]

exiting the job

The last day of my first ever real job is nearly over. The last (nearly) six years have been good and bad (but more good than bad), and exhilarating and frustrating (but more exhilarating than frustrating) and I’ve both looked forward to coming to work and dreaded it on occasion (but mostly looked forward to […]