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January 6th, 2004 at 7:56 pm

new year, new job

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I’m two days into my new job.
I’m playing with the grown ups now.
There are no charades at lunch time. 🙁
There is no staff lolly jar. 🙁
I looked in the fridge and there aren’t any zooper doopers. 🙁

But there is … a dishwasher!!* 🙂

* Heh, heh, heh. That’s just for you Mr Michael.

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9 Responses to “new year, new job”

  1. Michael Says:

    Mr Michael is it now ……

  2. Tony Says:

    But do you have a mobile phone yet?

  3. Rae Says:

    No charades? Bah! I reckon you could start a new lunchtime activity… 🙂

  4. Michael Says:

    Now that Marita has gone George and I have decided that we should play scrabble rather than work for most of the day, possibly with Baileys in the afternoon. As a novelty we thought we might take up a few of our more formal duties in the half hour or so just before the times normally reserved for charades, the word puzzle, Quiz Master and the daily news quiz

  5. Kathy Says:

    I would just like to complain about the blatant debauchery and corruption described by Michael. Why is it that workplaces always get good AFTER I LEAVE THEM. In my days there was no charades, no Quiz Master, nay, not even a word puzzle to break up the day. No, there was just feral mice, 9pm finishes and too much to do. Got it soft, these young ‘uns. Luxury, I tells ya. Luxury. Grrrr.
    (But have a Baileys for me all the same 🙂

  6. andrew Says:

    Is it cause and effect, Kathy? Must go, we’re opening the champagne for lunch…

  7. Kathy Says:

    Bastard 🙂

  8. Michael Says:

    Hey Marita – Ted just dropped in the last episode of Buffy so if you haven’t seen it already … Even better his dropped in that series Witchblade he promised about a year ago as well. Now that we have had detailed discussion of that magnificent example of summer television – Wife Swap and Fat Club – I missed Batchelor 25 – Guess what we are doing….

  9. missmarita Says:

    Will just have to make do with something from our collection of Buffy seasons 1-5 tonight.