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Before I leave for the land of no computers, no internet, no traffic and no work (hooray!) let me wish you all a happy and safe Christmas time however you choose to celebrate. It’s a time of magic – so enjoy!


One of the great things about having a party on the weekend is that you get to live on party leftovers for the next few days. Mmmmmm. Cheesecake and babka for brekkie, lunch and dinner. (Or maybe not). Our dog Maisie is no exception in terms of the party food. Yesterday Justine put some leftover […]

how to make mortar

Not too dry like crumble topping. Not too runny like gravy. Not too sticky like toffee. But just like butter icing. Perfect. (This analogy was made for me after I’d wasted an entire bag of mortar trying to get a consistency which would work.)

canine somnambulism

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Pad, pad, pad, pad, bump. Pad, pad, pad, pad, bump. Pad, pad, pad, pad, bump. Pad, pad, pad, pad, bump. Our poor dog. She was sleepwalking.


In their infinite wisdom the powers that be at work decided to give everyone new solar-powered wireless keyboards when the computer system was upgraded recently. Cool. (I guess … I don’t really care actually.) Our office is light and airy. A very nice working environment. I should say most of the office is light and […]

why I love the rain

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Because it shut up the idiot next door who decided the early evening was the perfect time to mow his lawn. ‘Twas a very timely downpour indeed.

conversations you have to have

Do a long, skinny rubber band and a short, fat rubber band contain the same amount of rubber? I can’t believe that I was actually having this conversation with the office manager at work yesterday.