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The end of the Uni year is definitely in sight. My final exam (actually it’s an open book test – not nearly so scary) is on Thursday evening and then the blissful summer of no study begins. Hooray! Last week’s revision class was cancelled so an additional class was scheduled for this afternoon. I misread […]


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SO impressed. Today my youngest sibling completed the Melbourne Marathon. Frankston to the city in just on four hours. Running all the way. Averaging around 10km an hour. Apparently his legs are “a bit sore”. Not bad. As for me, I: walked the dog (x2), drove to Carnegie on the promise of a cup of […]


It wasn’t a duck and I didn’t duck and consequently I’m left with a tender spot on my head as the aftermath of being hit by a swooping magpie yesterday (quickly drawing an end to the morning’s dog walking). Grrr. Rotten dog will protect me from innocent joggers and cyclists. But aerial attacks from frenzied […]