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new uses for pegs

As a hair clip. As seen last night in a restaurant in Carnegie. Different.


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We have an ongoing mouse issue here. They keep trying to share the space and we keep trying to ensure they don’t. Occasionally one will taunt us for a day or two. Thus the distribution of mouse catching devices about the place. There’s been one in the study for a few days recently. I’d managed […]

a narrow escape

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I was chatting to a friend recently when he confessed to a very close call. Trawling about on the innanet he decided to check out the progress of a movie in development. He looked up the name of the main actor. To find out he was dead. Some strange tangent compelled him to then look […]

the second biggest!

A friend told me he was spending his Friday night at the opening of the Midsumma festival in Federation Square. It’s a lot of fun and there’s always a great crowd. Apparently Midsumma gets the second largest Fed Square crowd across the year (the largest being the new year fireworks). This snippet sent me on […]

where can I get one of these?

There is a washing up fairy! Today at work I left half a dozen water jugs and associated glassware draining on the sink in the kitchen – fully intending to come back and deal with them later. When later finally arrived, I found to my astonishment that everything had disappeared into the cupboards. Washed, dried […]

happy anniversary

Thanks to a reminder in the form of a “Happy Anniversary” card from our close friends at the local real estate agency we are reminded that it is now four years since we bought our house. Well, thank you, fine real estate agency people for your wishes of “many more happy years ahead!” (Exclamation mark […]

an extra hour

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It’s four-thirty. Usually by this time of the day I’m being subjected to a lot of nudging in the knee region. By the dog. It’s time for the W. A. L. K. But not today. While we have seen the return of a more usual Maisie today – she’s still not quite back to her […]

anyone order a salmon pizza?

Yesterday my housemate’s colleague asked her if she had had salmon pizza for dinner the night before. “No”, she replied, “we had a tofu (and assorted other veggies) stir fry.” * Curious. Why such interest in our dinner? Apparently, while driving home that night Justine’s colleague had heard a Marita (who allegedly sounded a lot […]

hippetty-hop … flop

Poor, poor possum. Bruised, battered and sorely the worse for wear, little Miss Maisie spent the evening sleeping off the residue of the anaesthetic and pathetically hopping in a very wobbly fashion between her two favourite beds before collapsing again for another snooze. A picture of misery.

cracking up in ’05

In the last week: I participated in a three course meal for six people created from one ostrich egg. One ostrich egg is apparently equivalent to 20-22 regular chicken eggs and requires a chisel to crack it open. There were pancakes with smoked salmon and dill and hollandaise sauce, a quiche (of course) with salad […]