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It’s budget time. I’m a bad budgetter. Not that I can’t live within my means (I can) but I always feel a bit out of control about my “finances”. I’m often surprised by things that maybe I shouldn’t be. Perhaps that means I’m more of a bad planner than a bad budgetter? And money freaks […]


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“Hey, hey, ho, ho. These IR laws have got to go!!!! ….” “Johnny is a wanker!! Johnny is a wanker!! ….” “Johnny. Johnny, Johnny. Out! Out! Out!” (I didn’t hear this one). “What do we want? A fair go! When do we want it? Now! ….” “Touch one. Touch all!! …” And even “Ole, ole, […]

it’s just not a real word

Just because you said it loudly – and several times – doesn’t mean I’m going to accept that ‘contradictive’ is a useable word. It’s not.

I know where you’ve been

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I know you’ve been on the bed when you know you’re not allowed. And I also know that you ‘accidently’ stood on my toast while you were there. Don’t look at me all innocent-like. Because I know. No. I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. There are, however, two paw prints in […]

of course it’s going to rain on the weekend

Because the lads have been booked in to mow the lawn. And Daniel, no doubt, has a full line of laundry hanging out. Still, I have $65.98 in book vouchers to spend (plus an assignment to finish) so it can rain all it likes.

the view outside your work window

My window at work overlooks a destruction/construction site and the view features a very tall and unsettlingly ‘sway-ey’ crane. At least twice a day this crane swings by the window behind me like a huge lumbering T-Rex and makes me jump. (One day the crane driver will notice us waving at him from afar.) In […]

there’s a word for everything

And today’s new word is ‘creosote’. It’s the nasty tarry build-up that accumulates on the inside of a chimney. I think my chimney needs cleaning. Sigh. I wonder if there’s a word to describe the process of cleaning a chimney that’s lost its outlet through the roofline – as mine has. Knowing my luck, the […]

new career

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At my work, people with birthdays look after their own morning tea. Fortunately I share a birthday with a colleague, so the burden is relieved and I don’t have to stand by myself looking embarassed when everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’. (Shudder.) It’s been a (short lived) tradition over the last two years that I make […]

three dozen

A few days of laughter, lunches and loot! With another dinner to come. I’m 36!! (PS. The incredible string of parent-provided dud Tatts tickets moves on into its fifteenth year!)

footscray on film

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When you walk a dog in a park regularly you find all sorts of stuff. Like the film script Maisie, Daniel and I found last week. It was lying forgotten on a park bench. A quick skim revealed all sorts of wacky, zany scenarios set in and around Footscray. Neither of us can remember what […]