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June 21st, 2006 at 5:07 pm

there’s a word for everything

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And today’s new word is ‘creosote’.
It’s the nasty tarry build-up that accumulates on the inside of a chimney.
I think my chimney needs cleaning. Sigh.
I wonder if there’s a word to describe the process of cleaning a chimney that’s lost its outlet through the roofline – as mine has.
Knowing my luck, the only appropriate word will be ‘messy’. Big sigh.

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3 Responses to “there’s a word for everything”

  1. Rae Says:

    Chim-chiminee, chim-chiminee…. hmmmhhmmmmhhmmmm… sing with me! Or is this the wrong time?

  2. Rob Says:

    There’s another word. Expensive!

  3. missmarita Says:

    Ah. Messy and expensive. A double whammy. Fantastic.