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school excursions

Discussions today dealt with the topic of school excursions during our youths – prompted by the daughter of two of the participants returning from a school camp this afternoon. Some people went to pie factories. Some people went to box factories. Some people examined erosion on some poor person’s farm. Others attended the taping of […]


After 14 years I’ve cracked it! Every year since turning 21 my parents have sent me a Tatts ticket for my birthday. Every year it’s a dud. This year it was again a dud. BUT. Daniel doubled my chances by presenting me with another one. And it won!! Fourth division anyway. I’m up $37.55!!!!!!!!!!

lifestyle surveys

People aren’t interested in my youthful thoughts, insights and choices anymore. In turning 35 today, I move from the 25-34 age bracket on lifestyle surveys to the 35-45 bracket or, worse, simply 35+. I’m in a new demographic. Do I have to re-examine my purchasing habits, TV viewing, reading material or whatever else is subject […]

the one blog month

So – another one blog month successfully completed by yours truly (the reluctant blogger). How does one achieve a one blog month? (You might well ask!) I think it might have something to do with too much time spent wondering about stuff, to whit: i. why does the dog happily jump in the slimey pond […]