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June 6th, 2005 at 6:10 pm

the one blog month

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So – another one blog month successfully completed by yours truly (the reluctant blogger).
How does one achieve a one blog month? (You might well ask!)
I think it might have something to do with too much time spent wondering about stuff, to whit:
i. why does the dog happily jump in the slimey pond when it is a freezing cold evening but sigh and shudder terribly when undergoing an enforced (nicely heated) bath?
ii. why do my footy tips come out better when I do not pick ‘winners’ but accept the ‘away’ teams after forgetting to submit my own list of ‘winners’?
iii. why, when consuming a part cup of [brand name removed] Cream of Chicken and Corn soup with crutons, it is sometimes the crutons which are crunchy, sometimes the corn which is crunchy and sometimes the chicken(!) which is crunchy?
iv. (in relation to another variant in the abovementioned range – I’ve wondered about this a lot) why is it referred to as Asian Oriental Chicken and Corn soup (did the point not get made initially)?
v. why does the light at the end of the semester never get closer and then suddenly (viciously) mow you down?
vi. why, oh why, did I align myself with ‘Desperate Housewives’ and not ‘Lost’?
vii. why is the theme to the new Dr Who still scary (and why am I not interested?)
viii. why can’t I find anything to spend my Reader’s Feast privileged reader (buyer!!) reward voucher on?
ix. why is there a hole in my sock?
x. (this one’s a how) – how is it possible that I will turn 35 in a week and a half??????

Gotta go – it’s time to put dinner on so everything will be ready to watch DH tonight.

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One Response to “the one blog month”

  1. Rae Says:

    You’re not watching Lost or Dr Who?? I’m completely hooked on both – and I swore before watching the first episode of both that I’d never watch them, cos they were crap. Heh. How wrong I was!