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we should have caller id

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Phone rings at work. “Hello!” I say. And give the usual greeting. “Yes, it’s Allan …. from the Academy here. I was wondering if you could help me?” “Oh, hello Adolf” I reply. “What can we do for you?” “Adolf?” he says. “Did I say ‘Adolf’?” “I think you did.” “I’m not sure what we […]

a glimpse into the future (potentially scary)

Hooray, hooray!! Just finished my application for the MA in Communications course which is being run at RMIT. Hopefully I’ll make it into the July intake. All the ‘i’s are dotted, the ‘t’s crossed, the signatures signed and the stamps affixed. Wrote a most convincing personal statement (I thought so anyway) as to why they […]

new windows

Today our house gets two new windows. Last week we had a practise go with a new window in the study. Today the dining room and Justine’s bedroom. Out with the brown aluminium (allegedly one of the “features” of the house when we bought it, according to the previous owner, that is) and in with […]

unconscious reasons to miss training

I spend quite a bit of time thinking up reasons for not getting up at 6.15 am and heading down to the park for a training session on a frosty, dark autumn morning. Clearly my subconscious has also been working away on the problem. This morning I dreamed vividly that I could not attend because […]

dog reaches new low in couth

Dogs, ya gotta love ’em but sometimes they make it hard work. Take yesterday, for example. The dog gets taken to the park for her early morning constitutional by my housemate and finds … a pair of underpants!! Tra la la!! I have a new toy!! Mmmmmm, really smelly too, even better!! (Paraphrasing the dog. […]

someplace else

This morning I woke to the sound of rain on the tin roof. This sound must have been with me all night as I remember listening to the rain last night before I went to sleep. It’s funny how something as simple as a sound can take you completely away from where you are. In […]

it ends with a bang (and a whimper)

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6.30 am. 4 degrees. Footscray Park. Three girls, two dogs and a trainer. Into the first third of my final sprint to end the session. My mind had clearly already completed the sprint. It was on the mat doing the stretching – some minutes ahead of my body which was still gearing up to reach […]

everything old is new again

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After a hiatus of several days as my workplace collectively packed itself up and returned to its freshly renovated, revamped, sparkling Smith Street office space, I am now back online. Repacking and unpacking into a smaller – but better designed – office space has effected much actual as well as mental cobweb clearing. As I […]