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May 13th, 2003 at 3:44 pm

dog reaches new low in couth

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Dogs, ya gotta love ’em but sometimes they make it hard work. Take yesterday, for example. The dog gets taken to the park for her early morning constitutional by my housemate and finds … a pair of underpants!!
Tra la la!! I have a new toy!! Mmmmmm, really smelly too, even better!! (Paraphrasing the dog. Hey, they’re not complex creatures – the body language said it all!!)
“Leave it”, commands my housemate in her most authoritative tone. “No,” says Maisie. “It’s mine. I found it. I like it. It’s my new toy.”
Justine, sensibly, it not keen on launching a tug-of-war with the dog over the underpants. They have been abandoned in Footscray Park after all. They must be pretty rank.
So her only recourse is to bellow at the dog. “Leave it!” “Drop it.” Nothing works. The underpants are too enticing. Not even the lure of food is enough to tear her away from “the pants”.
Justine tries running after her. To no avail! Maisie skips ahead, tail wagging, underpants joyfully flung about her head. “What a great game! Justine wants my pants! She’ll never get them!”
In fact the underpants are flung so vigorously, they somehow get caught on her head. In an effort to free herself from her entanglement a front paw gets stuck in the underpants as well. Yet she still continues to skip across the park, now on three legs and blinded by the underpants.
Quite the spectacle.
Eventually she did give up on the underpants. I guess there’s only so much fun you can have with someone else’s laundry.

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2 Responses to “dog reaches new low in couth”

  1. Trevor Says:

    The dog is a stalking horse.

  2. alfred Says:

    mmmmm what type of underwear ?