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June 17th, 2005 at 9:43 am

lifestyle surveys

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People aren’t interested in my youthful thoughts, insights and choices anymore.
In turning 35 today, I move from the 25-34 age bracket on lifestyle surveys to the 35-45 bracket or, worse, simply 35+.
I’m in a new demographic.
Do I have to re-examine my purchasing habits, TV viewing, reading material or whatever else is subject to lifestyle surveys?

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8 Responses to “lifestyle surveys”

  1. Rae Says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Marita! May you have a wonderful day and not have to review any habits or survey information that you don’t want to! 🙂

  2. Ren Says:

    Have a great birthday, Marita! 🙂

  3. danielbowen.com: Diary of an Average Australian Says:

    Marita’s birthday
    It’s Marita’s birthday today.

    Either by accident or sneaky strategic use of the phase “Oh, I’d really like to get tickets for that”, she weaseled out of me that her main present is tickets to Bangarra tonight. But the secondary present or prese…

  4. Peter Says:

    Happy birthday Marita!

    Just remember you’re now slightly closer to being 64 than your first day of school 😉

    But at least the survey forms mostly say 35 – 44, so you won’t be lumped in with 45 year olds just yet!

  5. Catherine Gentle Says:

    Happy Birthday Marita
    You’re a whole day younger than me!
    I thought when I saw you in January to eat Ostrich egg that you’d be turning 30 this year! 😉

  6. Susannah and Linda Says:

    HB Marita! hope you have a delightful day
    from the out-laws
    Susannah, Adrian and Leo
    Linda and Peter

  7. Miss Trish Says:

    Just to say it again, but this time in blog-land … Happy Birthday, Miss Marita!!

  8. missmarita Says:

    Thank you to all the birthday wishers! As the celebrations will continue into next week, it’s not over yet.
    Fortunately I have not been beseiged by lifestyle surveyers seeking my opinions on my new demographic arrangements.
    Just one (short!)telephone survey seeking my likelihood of travelling to Mildura in the next twelve months. When I reponded ‘not very likely’ to the question, the survey endeth!!