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June 26th, 2005 at 10:17 pm

school excursions

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Discussions today dealt with the topic of school excursions during our youths – prompted by the daughter of two of the participants returning from a school camp this afternoon.
Some people went to pie factories.
Some people went to box factories.
Some people examined erosion on some poor person’s farm.
Others attended the taping of ‘Sale of the Century’.
There were plenty of examples of ‘educational’ (but mostly ‘cheap’) outings for groups of students.
My favourite excursion was during primary school when the whole school (all fifteen of us) went to see ‘The Muppet Movie’.
The most strange was a trip to the Dhurringile minimum security prison farm while studying Legal Studies in Year 11 at secondary school.
A pretty forceful way of encouraging us to do our homework!!!!

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3 Responses to “school excursions”

  1. Miss Trish Says:

    In primary school, my grade came to my house for an excursion! We had friends who worked in the marine biology labs at Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education (now known as Deakin’s Warrnambool campus) and when they were renovating the labs, they needed homes for the tanks of marine life. We had a huge 3.5m long tank filled with various small crabs move into our spare room for a few months. I remember that the whole family was constantly transfixed by these small creatures, and we each had our favourites! They were sometimes vicious too – pulling legs off each other on a regular basis! Anyway, I must’ve said something about it at “Show ‘n tell” one day, because the next thing I remember is that a whole class excursion had been organised, and my classmates all walked to my house from the school (a 5-min walk) and filed into the spare room in small groups to observe the tank of crabs!

  2. Marita from Poland Says:

    My name is Marita.I’m from Poland (Bilgoraj)and I’m 17 years old.I found your blog by accident.
    It’s very nice:)

  3. tmz_99 Says:

    strangely enough I’m originally polish too.. regardless, when I was living in New Zealand a group of us cub scouts went to an outing to a mortuary. I’m not sure why, I think it was like career month, I’m not sure who thought it to be a good idea and I’m not entirely sure how well it’d go over now, but I’m glad I went. 🙂 If nothing else it provided a memorable experience.