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June 28th, 2006 at 9:52 pm


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“Hey, hey, ho, ho. These IR laws have got to go!!!! ….”
“Johnny is a wanker!! Johnny is a wanker!! ….”
“Johnny. Johnny, Johnny. Out! Out! Out!” (I didn’t hear this one).
“What do we want? A fair go! When do we want it? Now! ….”
“Touch one. Touch all!! …”
And even “Ole, ole, ole!! …” (Has to be soccer-inspired, surely.)
There’s nothing quite like 80 000 people marching together to get some great chanting going.
One of my favourite sights is big, burly construction workers nipping in to grab a takeaway coffee to warm the journey.
And the smart red AEU rain ponchos.
(Yep – I was at the anti- IR legistation rally today.)

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