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September 30th, 2004 at 12:25 pm

mmm, you smell nice

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This morning I was forced into a convenient Haighs chocolate shop in order to break a $20 note.
I invested in some chocolate frogs for later and a couple of the lemon truffles for my tram journey.
Sitting on the tram enjoying my truffle the woman beside me asks: “What perfume are you wearing. ” Going on to say: “You smell lovely.”
“Why, thank you.” (Silently congratulating self on superior perfume choice and more than adequate – ie commentable upon by a fellow public transportee – understanding of general social codes in relation to one’s personal aroma.)
“It’s Dolce e Gabbana’s ‘Light Blue’. ”

“Alternatively, it could be my truffle. ”
“I smell geraniums,” she says.
“Hmmm, it’s a lemon truffle,” say I.
Silence as both of us look at and then smell the truffle in question.
“I don’t think it’s the truffle,” she says.
“Perhaps it’s a combination,” say I.
More investigation is required. I’d better go back and buy a few more of those truffles.

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5 Responses to “mmm, you smell nice”

  1. Miss Trish Says:

    Don’t wild boars sniff for truffles? The other sort of truffle, the fungus type? Hmmm …

  2. missmarita Says:

    And just what are you insinuating Trish?

  3. Rae Says:

    Truffles, eh? Mmmm….. I wish it were my break already. I think I need to go shopping for some!

  4. That Girl Says:

    Haigh’s is purgatory – my last visit there, the lovely woman behind the counter insist I try the chocolate ginger, despite the fact I had an aversion to it. Then, to compensate, she said i “had better try one of these jellies just to get rid of the tatse.” Mmm..ok..twisted my arm!

  5. Ren Says:

    Chocolate frogs would go down really well right now.