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August 12th, 2004 at 5:02 pm

getting closer

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So, now it’s one week to go.
This time next Thursday I’ll be on that plane!
Munching on a small bag of peanuts.
And sipping a minute orange juice.
Wondering just how bad the movies will be!
It’s hard, I know.

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4 Responses to “getting closer”

  1. MissTrish Says:

    Careful you don’t spill that OJ while trying to peel back the foil!

  2. Daniel Says:

    Ah, aeroplane drinks. Beware this hazard:

    And as the plane jetted off heading back towards Asia, and ultimately, Australia, I sipped on a glass of water, and as the others slept, put my glass down, and slowly drifted off too.

    I woke several hours later with damp jeans. I thought for a few seconds I’d embarrassed myself, but it was just the glass – it had toppled over, and water was soaking into my lap.

  3. MissTrish Says:

    Poignant advice there from Daniel, Marita!
    How many sleeps now? It is only one sleep ’til my new job!

  4. Tony Says:

    To add to the cautionary tales – a can of soft drink balanced precariously on top of a newspaper will always end up in your lap mere minutes after taking off on an 8 hour flight. Thank god for Tokyo airports with bathrooms and laundries.