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August 16th, 2004 at 11:54 am

impressions of impressionists

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It was a cold and rainy day when we ventured out to the gallery to peruse the latest blockbuster exhibition – ‘The Impressionists’.
It was a lovely afternoon of art, however, even if the paintings were viewed by dodging around all the other people who had also decided the gallery was the place to be when it was so vile outside.
The usual names that come to mind when you think of the impressionist school were featured.
A number of paintings by Berthe Morisot (she was also the subject of one) also formed a part of the exhibition.
Nice to think that the impressionist school was not solely a boys’ club. Although I must admit that I had never heard of this artist prior to seeing her paintings on the weekend.
It’s the usual story I guess – the women are always there, working alongside the men, but it’s the men who are remembered.
It was good to be reminded that women of talent are all around us – often just not in the spotlight.

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3 Responses to “impressions of impressionists”

  1. R.H. Says:

    You can shove who you like into the spotlight, but merit is what counts.

  2. Miss Trish Says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I haven’t yet been to see this exhibition. I had forgotten about it with all the excitement of my new job!

  3. R.H. Says:

    If anything, the bias is towards women; even a second-rate artist like Joy Hester is being revived.