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March 4th, 2005 at 3:02 pm

funny accents

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I know I can have a bit of a ‘rural’ accent – I use it when on the phone with my family and it is definitely detectable after spending a bit of time in the country. I didn’t realise I may have a more ‘international’ accent though – until I was recently speaking to someone at Uni in regard to their research proposal to complete the MA Comms. She is interested in looking at whether people from English-speaking countries experience difficulties/dissonances in terms of language when they travel to other English speaking countries to live/study. Someone from the Philippines coming to Australia to study, for example. This represents her personal experience and she’s interested in examining how this plays out in a broader context. “You’d understand”, she said to me, “you’ve definitely got an accent. Where are you from?” Rats. I could only tell her I was from the country originally, not A country, just the country. Not very exotic at all, I’m afraid.

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One Response to “funny accents”

  1. coralie Says:

    now that i’m living in emerald, i’ve noticed that country people are much quicker to make fun of you when you stuff up. not in a nasty way, just they point it out & laugh rather than let it slide politely like most ‘city folk’ do. heh. i like country people. i’m all for laughing at others peoples’ mistakes. 😀