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March 18th, 2005 at 1:14 pm


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One of the architects we’ve been talking to about the proposed house renovation has rhapsodised at great length about ‘texture’ being one of the great features of our home in its current incarnation.
Hmmm. Never really thought about ‘texture’ as being either here or there in terms of a feature in my house. What about the leadlight, the floorboards, the ornate cornices… And texture? Seriously? That’s the best thing he can find??
In reality, he’s smitten with the imported, extra-insulated UK wall paper in the hallway. It’s got texture, it’s fabulous! (Almost a shame to tell him it’s going as soon as we get around to it!)
My key concern at the moment is removing excess texture. Smoothing down those walls, sanding back those skirting boards – I’m de-texturing as fast as I can!
I wonder if we can come to a happy medium?

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