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August 22nd, 2003 at 6:43 pm

they’re *transitional*, OK?

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To the well meaning people who have yet to cross my path but who, when they do, feel the urge to suggest I purchase a pair of tweezers …
And to those who have already done so …
And to those who’ve been looking at me funny over the last week or so …

Look, OK, *I know*. They look a bit scruffy. I am not unaware of this. They are on *my* face. I see them every day. I am in the process of re-shaping them. It takes time (won’t happen overnight but it *will* happen!)

They are transitional eyebrows.

I can live with them without comment, why can’t you?

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One Response to “they’re *transitional*, OK?”

  1. J Says:

    But the real question is what are you transitioning to? And why now? This is what comes of living alone (bar the company of a naughty dog).