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March 24th, 2003 at 10:08 am

where is she?

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I’ve been a bit slack about contributing to my blog lately. One of my office mates has wondered whether, if there are no obvious signs of life on the blog, there would there be any concern expressed amongst my vast readership as to why there were no entries. Any solicious enquiries about possible carpal tunnel syndrome/a broken limb/accident with chainsaw (not as unlikely as it may first appear!)/sudden death?? Thus far, na da. Somewhat consoling though is that none of the abovelisted reasons apply. I was simply unable to access the internet via work at the end of last week due to a problem with our ISP. Couldn’t send or receive emails. In fact, my work’s website was ‘inadvertently’ deleted by the company which is hosting our domain. But things are back on track today. Now I just have the problem of thinking of something to say!

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One Response to “where is she?”

  1. Tony Says:

    You, Miss Marita, stuck for words? That’s a first.