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March 15th, 2003 at 8:37 am

an unexpected beginning

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This morning I thought I’d just make a cup of tea. Actually this is the first thing I think upon waking every morning. My housemate says that I am not really compus mentus (see) until I have completed the first cup.
Today is special. We have cake in the house so I can indulge my all time favourite of leftover cake/pudding and a cup of tea for breakfast.
I cut the cake. I boil the water. I open the tin with the tea in it ….. and out flutters a dust moth. One of those moths you see on cartoons which signifies that the box/jar/cupboard/etc has not been opened in years (often accompanied by clouds of dust for added effect).
I have a cup of tea every morning and every night at least – usually lots more. How could a moth get in there? And flutter away so unselfconsciously – like it was meant to be there – this morning?
Nature is slowly taking over my home. Not only are there mice in the walls (as I discovered last night) which could be read as either surprising or maybe some horrible revenge for previous bad acts (see previous entry ‘Lament for a Mouse’) but there are moths in the tea caddy. What is next?

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