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December 17th, 2003 at 8:10 am


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A few months ago my workplace was broken in to by the world’s most courteous thieves. They were very neat and they took nothing. (Why bother?)
Anyway this necessitated contact with the coppers who duely arrived, asked questions and took away a glass louvre window pane in an attempt to find some finger prints.
Yesterday I answered the doorbell to someone from the Collingwood police. Ooooh, maybe they have news? It’s been several months – they must have gleaned a lot of information from that window pane. But no – apparently it was a dud.
Covered in fingerprint powder (just so we could be assured it didn’t just sit on a shelf for three months) and sealed in an evidence bag the noncompliant pane was summarily returned to us to do with as we will.
It will forever remain a mystery as to who broke in and why they did it.
I somehow thought it might all be a bit more exciting. Pretty exciting job for the poor hot looking copper who had the task of returning the window pane on a rather unpleasant afternoon. I bet that’s why she signed up to join the force!

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One Response to “evidence”

  1. Daniel Says:

    On the bright side, given the apparent mess-ups with evidence recently on other cases, at least they brought back the right thing!
    Do you get to keep the evidence bag? It would be great for keeping stuff fresh in the fridge. (Does it even look special, or is it just a bag?)