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December 22nd, 2003 at 4:05 pm


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Just finishing off the last of my Christmas cards. (So if you haven’t got one yet, they’re on their way. Promise.)
I usually like to send cards which have some kind of purpose in addition to spreading around the Christmas cheer eg. proceeds from this year’s lot go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
They are very nice cards – replete with sparkly stuff to add to their Christmassyness.
The sparkly stuff has gone everywhere. My jeans are pretty sparkly. My shirt has managed to become a bit sparkly too. There are sparkles on my shoes.
And I’ve just returned from a trip to the post office and the bank to find, as I looked in the bathroom mirror, that I’ve also succeeded in getting sparkly stuff all over my face too. I shimmer. I thought that teller was looking at me funny. Humphff. In a moment of desperation I must have rubbed my face in my hands – spreading Christmas cheer and sparkles from ear to ear.
Sheesh. I’m a walking Christmas decoration.

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One Response to “sparkly”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Well, your sparkly clothes matched your sparkly personality!

    (Though it does remind me a little of The Bedazzler, the product they showed on The Late Show all those years ago)