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September 23rd, 2003 at 5:34 pm

more money or more debt?

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I have just received an invitation to extend the credit limit of my card to a mighty four thousand dollars.
Given that my card is currently all paid off (hooray!) an extra two grand would only mean a lot of extra potential debt.
But how much extra?
The last time the blank offered to raise my credit limit they gave me not the two thousand dollars I asked for but $20,000.
It was not a typo. I checked. And it was really hard to convince them that I didn’t want a $20,000 credit limit – just a measly $2000. In fact it was a lot harder *not* to have a $20,000 credit limit than to have one.
So, what are they really offering me this time?

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3 Responses to “more money or more debt?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Beware!!! Sounds like an error – I’d double-check it.

    Also I don’t know if you anticipate having a loan at any time in the near future, but due to reverse-bank logic, note that the higher your credit card limits, the harder it is to get loans. Because they figure if you have $X as your card(s) limit, every month you must be paying that amount out of your income, leaving less to pay back a theoretical loan.

  2. Tony Says:

    I still can’t come to grips with you having a credit card Miss Marita, didn’t the bank put your passbook up in a frame as the last surviving example in use?

  3. Daniel Says:

    Okay ignore my first sentence above. I obviously wasn’t paying attention. It was late. I was tired. The light was bad. The computer was playing up. I was distracted. Yeah.